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IT Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a very serious topic that many companies insist on neglecting, rather subconsciously. This is often because we are not exposed to important information about cybersecurity.

The absence of cybersecurity policies can greatly compromise the health of your IT environment and network.  Among the main problems are the increased incidence of hacking and cyber-attacks. While there are a plethora of risk types, there are 3 main ones that you need to be aware of. Find out more about each one by reading the content we have prepared.

To what risks can the lack of cybersecurity expose your database?


It is a virus that takes advantage of flaws in operating systems to encrypt files of people, companies, and even government organizations. In one of the most famous cases, WannaCry demanded a payment/ransom in bitcoin so that the keys to files could be granted.

This problem would be easily solved with the simple regular updating of programs and operating systems – including corporate cell phones (the ones that you and other employees complain about when asked to update the system).

Don’t forget that corporate cell phones also need to be included in the cybersecurity policy – as they can serve as a gateway for infiltration of the corporate network – in order to avoid hijacking organization data that is stored in the cloud.


This is the main problem faced by companies that do not maintain a database management routine and are not concerned with developing a cybersecurity policy.

The only way to reduce incidents of this nature is to increase the frequency of scans on the network, in addition to making employees aware of the dangers of cloning data.

What happens is that very often (and because of the absence of a security protocol), employees make subtle mistakes that can expose the company.

Therefore, investing in the prevention and reduction of vulnerabilities is the best way to eliminate this damage.


They are digital plagues that act to steal data processing power and benefit from the companies’ IT structure. To avoid them, some common measures are indispensable:

  • keep the antivirus updated (on all devices used on the corporate network);
  • restrict the installation of software and plugins on devices that access the corporate network;
  • use reliable sources;
  • establish routine management of the IT environment with constant scanning and analysis


How Can Avosina IT Help Me with Cybersecurity?

 We are a company specialized in ensuring the security of your IT environment.

For this, we offer management of your database with a care routine that provides for each of the actions that cannot be neglected.

The Avosina IT protects your corporate network from the main dangers and offers excellent options for remote management of data.

Due to the routine of care with periodic preventive actions and 24/7 assistance for your company’s database and application servers, it is the safest and most complete option to prevent information leakage.

Click here to learn more and find out how to take your company’s IT environment to the next level!

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