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The Foundation of Your IT Infrastructure

IT Server Administration

At the heart of building a high-quality IT business infrastructure is the selection of a server operating system. Quite often, customers choose Windows Server OS due to the business systems that run on this OS. A server or computer using such an operating system is capable of performing the roles of a file exchanger, web application server, remote desktop server, mail server, DNS (domain names) service, directory service, media streaming server, and others. The correct operation of the OS and related applications is ensured by effective IT server administration.

Why do you need server administration?

The main goal of server administration is to ensure stable continuous operation because deviations will negatively affect the workflow of employees, contractors, and customers of the company, which will inevitably entail an uncompensated expenditure of time and money. Proper administration of Windows Server avoids a number of problems that can have such a negative impact on the company’s operations. The result is a minimization of costs and resources for infrastructure management, as well as an increase in the level of safety and reliability of equipment and software.

What kind of work does the windows server administration service include?

Unfortunately, equipment and systems do not work without supervision by specialists; once configured server will require performing routine tasks by IT personnel. As part of the service, we offer our clients the following works:

  • Ensuring secure storage of data;
  • Analysis, diagnostics, and control over the operation of servers;
  • Providing secure backup of files;
  • Monitoring the operation of the OS and software, as well as the load on the equipment;
  • Timely software update (installing new versions of programs, expanding work resources);
  • Prompt change of the parameters of the servers and software;
  • Creation and support of working platforms based on databases (for example, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle);
  • Prompt processing of system messages about possible malfunctions in the OS and software;
  • Installing antivirus software to prevent and repel possible hacker attacks.

We carry out a set of measures for monitoring, optimizing the operation of equipment in order to prevent and correct problems in the IT structure even before the customer encounters them!

Who is our service suitable for?

Windows server administration will be useful for both small business and networked enterprises.

Small and large businesses need administration because this service helps preserve and secure the information they need to run their business, optimize and modernize their infrastructure, and prevent and fix physical and cloud hardware problems.

Tracking and regulating company websites is also considered a system admin’s area of responsibility. For example, the site “freezes” or works intermittently, it becomes impossible or problematic to accept online applications and orders. Thus, losses from downtime increase, because 10-15 minutes is not enough to eliminate such problems.

Administration of servers from Avosina IT contributes to the smooth operation of the enterprise because thanks to round-the-clock monitoring, which is included in the package of this type of service, it is possible to prevent and quickly correct errors in the operation of the IT infrastructure without wasting time and money.

Maintenance and support of the operating system and server software is our main job. Our Customers do not worry about their business, because we monitor the work, availability, update on time, eliminate problem areas, optimize work, identify vulnerabilities and eliminate them.

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