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We provide IT support and remote help desk services as part of a subscription package to ensure the smooth running of your office, computers, and networks: monitoring information systems (networks, services, and servers), consulting user support via phone and e-mail, user support via remote administration, and contacting and resolving issues with Internet Service Providers, telephone companies, and server hosting networks.


When you hire our company for IT support, you get a full range of services to keep your office’s computers, office equipment, servers, and networks running smoothly (LAN). You no longer need a system administrator as staff in your company; all concerns are handled with our assistance by remote management of employees’ workstations or direct “on-the-ground” work (departure of a specialist to your office).

Comprehensive support

Our Company executes a wide range of roles to preserve the functioning of your company’s offices, communicate with suppliers of different services so that you can focus exclusively on the growth of your business and not on the operability of the company’s local computing resources. Hosting firms, telecommunications companies, and other businesses fall under this category.

We know for sure that maintaining business continuity is impossible without high-quality IT support. To ensure the smooth functioning of the office, workstations, and networks, we offer our potential clients IT support for offices within the framework of subscription services. This service usually includes:

  • monitoring of information systems operating in the organization (services, networks, servers);
  • user consultations by e-mail, phone, messenger, or web interface;
  • support through remote administration;
  • interaction with providers of telephony, Internet, hosting service

List of standard IT business support services:

  • setting up personal computers;
  • implementation of a software integrity system for workstations;
  • setting up a local-computer corporate network;
  • creation of an information security policy;
  • installation of anti-virus protection on employees’ PCs and on the corporate network;
  • creation of technical documentation for the configuration and operation of IT infrastructure;
  • organization of a data backup and storage system;
  • training users in the basics of computer security and rules for working in a corporate network.

Advantages of professional IT support of the office:

  • High level of service quality.
  • Quick response to the request received from the user.
  • Technical support by phone or e-mail.
  • Solving problems using a remote connection.
  • Service by a whole team of highly qualified specialists.
  • Departure of an IT specialist to the customer’s site in a timely manner.
  • Simplification of financial planning.
  • No staffing problems with full-time IT staff.
  • Eliminate the cost of a system administrator’s workplace.
  • Replacement of those who left for any reason (vacation, illness, dismissal) of specialists who perform services with the same degree of qualifications.
  • Gaining access to the latest technology and innovative solutions.

IT outsourcing support is becoming more and more popular all over the world every year. This practice was at first widespread in Western countries, but now all the benefits of outsourcing can be appreciated by representatives of other countries too.

We offer 7AM to 5PM remote and field IT support for all IT-related issues & assistance.

Contact us today to handle all your IT support outsourcing.

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