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Network Engineering

Data centers are used for a range of activities, including sustaining and hosting an infrastructure made up of complex computer systems, telecommunications equipment, and storage components that require continuous monitoring to ensure consistent output and business continuity. To design, develop, and maintain these facilities, you need a team of experts that know the gimmicks and have extensive experience in navigating the complexity of these infrastructures.  It’s virtually impossible to know how much space, electricity, and cooling you have in a complex data center, let alone predict when you’ll run out, which server is better for new services, and how much power is required to ensure uptime and availability. This is one crucial area where the network engineers come in.

The Avosina IT engineering team has the advanced expertise, technological capabilities, and proven experience needed.

The choice of the appropriate technology to the needs of the organizations represents the differential for the increase of productivity and competitiveness. We offer our customers projects for new installations, the adaptation of existing installations, technical support, as well as the necessary guidance for specifying and purchasing new equipment.

Our practical experience with small, medium, and large telecommunications companies involves meeting the technical specifications of a wide range of systems, from the most basic to the most complex.

As network experts, we build custom solutions that suit your needs, evolve with your company, and run smoothly. You can concentrate on your company while we handle your network.

One of the most common reasons for contacting us is that your IT infrastructure is lagging behind your business’s growth. Clients also frequently contact us when their current programs lack adequate maintenance and operational security.

Avosina IT is a team of passionate engineers who have experience in various projects using multiple IT technologies.

We offer our engineering consulting skills in the following areas:

–       Network architecture

In network architecture, we offer,

Global network

  • Intercity connections (national and international)
  • Designing Redundant Network Paths
  • IP, Ethernet, Wavelengths deployment
  • Equipment setup and management

City network

  • FTTH implementation
  • Point-to-point connection (data center connection)
  • Client-point of presence connection (last mile)


  • Domain name (DNS)
  • Network Management (NMS)
  • Email
  • Access, Authorization, Accounting (AAA)

–       Building network platforms, and

–       Monitoring network platforms

Whatever your requirements are, we will find a solution for you. We’ll handle the transfer (upgrade and migration) without creating any disruptions to existing services. We specialize in Network and telecommunications infrastructure projects, specializing in the execution and assembly of networks and unified communications on the IP platform.

Avosina IT’S comprehensive package of services includes more than just managing existing infrastructure. Avosina IT’S Technical team applies its understanding of emerging technologies and industry best practices to customer priorities and objectives to make recommendations for better efficiencies, cost savings, and a higher return on investment.

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